Thursday, August 14, 2008

Staten Island Yankees

I've arrived at ballparks in many different ways. I've driven to Angel Stadium and Dodger Stadium countless times. I've taken a bus to Coors Field a couple times. I've taken the Gold Line to Chinatown and walked up to Dodger Stadium. And I've taken the metro to games in New York, Portland, and other places that have, you know, convenient metro trains. But until I went to a Staten Island Yankees game, I had never sailed to a game. (Okay, maybe 'sailed" is a bit romantic for the Staten Island Ferry, but you get the point.)

The ferry lets you out right by the ballpark. (On the way I got this picture of the Statue of Liberty, one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.) It was "Irish Night" in the ballpark, so I got a corned beef sandwich and ordered a beer. The lady asked me if I wanted green beer. "Sure," I laughed, "why not?" She took out a little container of green food coloring, squeezed some into a plastic cup, then opened a Coors Light and poured it into the cup. Not exactly what I was expecting.

I am not sure if I have ever been to a more beautiful location for a game. It's right on the water, the buildings of Manhattan in the distance, and then, after sunset, the lights of the city. I got so caught up in the beauty of it I actually cheered for a Yankees minor league team.

I've also included a picture of a between-innings baby race. This is one of those promotions that sounds like it might be cute but is really extremely boring.

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