Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Memphis Bar-B-Q Company (Sacramento)

Memphis Bar-B-Q Company
455 Bercut Dr
Sacramento, CA 95814

I don't know what it is about barbecue joints with the name "Memphis" in the title, but so far I have been let down by them. One day I will make it to Memphis Minnie's in San Francisco; I hope that isn't as big a disappointment as Memphis Championship Barbecue or Memphis Bar-B-Q Company.
This is a pretty big restaurant, although when I went in for lunch there was only one other table occupied. I've been to lunch in Sacramento many times, and I have never seen a restaurant so empty for lunch. That should have been a sign. I asked the waiter a couple questions about the barbecue. I would have been just as informed if I had asked the silverware. He was a nice guy, but he didn't really seem to have a clue about anything, except probably the best tatoo parlors in town. (I'm not saying I needed to know the ingredients in the sauce or where they buy their pork, but asking if the meat is smoked or cooked in an oven seemed like a reasonable question.)
When my pulled pork sandwich arrived I took a bite of the slaw to see if I wanted to put any on my sandwich. It was good. And the fries were hot out of the fryer. The bun was fresh, too, and I had high hopes for the pork. It sucked. It was fatty, didn't tast like it had been smoked (at least not recently) and the sauce tasted metallic.
They definitely do not deserve to have the word Memphis in their name.

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