Saturday, August 16, 2008

JR's Texas Bar-B-Q (Sacramento)

JR's Texas Bar-B-Q
180 Otto Circle
Sacramento, CA 95822
Often people who hear about my passion for barbecue ask me what the best barbecue is that I have had. It's a fair question, but an impossible one to answer. Barbecue - more than any food I know - lends itself to contextualism. I had a plate of beef and ham at Gates Bar-B-Q that may be the most technically perfect I have had, but how can I say that is better barbecue than a cheap pulled pork sandwich eaten at the Memphis in May barbecue festival on the banks of the Mississippi, washed down with an ice cold Budweiser, which on a 105 degree day tastes like the best beer you have ever had? I can't.
However, for the rest of my life I will be able to answer anyone who asks about the worst barbecue I have had. This pulled pork sandwich, although it's hard to tell from the picture, was mostly fat. I was so hungry I tried to pick around the fat and get small pieces of pork, but that was literally impossible. What you see here is exactly what got thrown away. My friend's "hot links" were just a couple hot dogs with grill marks. The fries were cold; the corn had been sitting in water for hours, and the corn bread was as hard as a baseball.
Plus, the building was hideous. It was a giant room filled with Texas flags and other assorted Texas memorablilia. Even though there were lots of basbeall games that day, the big screen TV was tuned to Fox News Channel. The floor was filthy and there were flies buzzing around everywhere. I will leave you to choose your own metaphor.

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