Thursday, September 11, 2008

Barbary Coast Savannah BBQ (Sacramento)

Barbary Coast Savannah BBQ
1226 20th St
Sacramento, CA 95811

It took me a while to make it here; their hours are strange. It says on the sign that they open at noon on weekdays (all the restaurants nearby open at 11) but the first two times I came here around 12:30, the place wasn't open. I tried to look through the gates to see a smoker going strong, but I couldn't (later I learned why: there isn't one.) Eventually I decided just to drive by around 3 in the afternoon and see if they were open. They were, and even though I had already eaten lunch and wasn't particularly hungry, I can always make room for barbecue.
I got a pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw and green beans. The sides were both very good. The pork was good but had certainly been cooked in an oven or a slow cooker. The bun was terrible: thick and dry. The main attraction for me was the "Authentic Georgia Barbecue Sauce." I had no idea what to expect from that. I've had sauces labeled as Georgian that were mustard-based, a sauce that tasted like K.C. Masterpiece, and even a Georgia barbecue sauce with peaches in it. This sauce was unlike any I can remember tasting - it was vinegar based but was also very sweet. Too sweet, actually, but with a few drops of hot sauce that was remedied.
I have heard that this place has closed down now. That is a shame (they were very friendly) but not unexpected. Random hours, meat that isn't smoked, and a completely perplexing name are not a good combination.

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