Friday, November 14, 2008

Robin's Redux

Unlike the last time I went to Robin's with my camera, I did not lose the pictures from my most recent trip. I ordered my usual chopped pork sandwich. When it came, I noticed that there was less meat on it than usual. However, it was fantastic. There was plenty of smoke ring, and the pork was tender and pulled apart easily, with very little fat. It was probably the best sandwich I have ever had there, and I have had dozens.
I got sides of both the "Carolina Sweet Mustard Sauce" and the "Memphis Red Vinegar Sauce." They were not as good as usual. The mustard sauce tasted just like French's yellow mustard, and the vinegar sauce had too much sugar in it and was far too sweet. It didn't matter, really, because the pork was so good it didn't need sauce.
I also got a hamburger to go for someone. It did not look very good and I did not even bother trying it.

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