Monday, November 3, 2008

Gilroy Garlic Festival

On the list of things I love, somewhere between barbecue and Thanksgiving, is garlic. I love it roasted, fresh, infused in oil, or any other way I can eat it. I even considered calling this blog "Baseball and Garlic." (Actually, that's a lie. That would have been a terrible name for a blog.)

For years I had wanted to make it to Gilroy - the "garlic capital of the world" - for their annual Gilroy Garlic Festival. A couple years ago, after watching Huell Howser do a special on the festival, I decided I had to do it. It was a lot of fun, although it was well over 100 degrees, and after eating garlic egg rolls, garlic pizza, and a dish of garlic shrimp that seriously challenged my line that "there can never be too much garlic," my friend and I were sweating garlic out of every pore.

There was also a barbecue stand there, so I had to try a pork sandwich. I was not expecting much, and that is exactly what I got. It was drenched in a sweet sauce and did not have any smoke ring. I can't really complain about being disappointed for ordering a cheap barbecue sandwich at a festival centered on garlic, but if I ever go back, I will stay away from this sandwich and just go for another round of garlic ice cream.


Mike said...
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Mike said...

Last summer I took the plunge and finally made it out to Gilroy for the Garlic Festival. Only thing was I had very little time to pull it together.

I got off work as a camp counselor at 5, grabbed my girlfriend, drove thru the night from the valley, crashed at a friend of my sister's who I hardly new at 2am, woke up and went to the festival 5 hours later, ate, and then drove back in the same day.

Was it worth it? I think so. The garlic ice cream was better then I thought it would be, and the food I tried was pretty good. Garlic kangaroo? Why not!

Next year I'll probably toss it into an extended trip to San Francisco. I don't think my girlfriend can take being drug back and forth from Gilroy a second time.