Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zeke's Leftovers

There was still half a pulled chicken sandwich left from the previous day's trip to Zeke's. I warmed it up in the microwave and discarded the lousy bun. I grabbed a couple slices of white bread. Yes, white bread is boring. That's why it's all you need when you have a good piece of barbecue. Fancy buns, dense buns, pretzel buns and ciabatta buns are what you use when you're trying to disguise what your 'cue tastes like.

I piled the chicken on a slice and put some Philthy Phil's barbecue sauce on it. I added a couple pickles, some slaw, and a couple drops of Tapatio. (That probably seems incongruous with my previous statement about not disguising what barbecue tastes like. I realize this. But I had already tasted the chicken by itself the day before so I wanted to jazz it up a little and see if it tasted better that way. It did not.)

Next time I go to Zeke's I may just bring some white bread with me. Their meat is always good and deserves a better platform.

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