Thursday, October 2, 2008

Longboard's Grill (Santa Barbara)

Longboard's Grill
210 Stearns Wharf
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

I've been going to Longboard's, on Stearns Wharf, since I was a teenager. Usually I just sit at a table by the window, or, if it's a nice day, on the patio, and have a beer and some fried shrimp. Sometimes I order a ridiculous drink like the one in the second picture (I ordered that and my buddy ordered a pina colada; the waitress laughed and said "You guys are on vacation, right?")
But last time I was there I decided I would try their burnt ends sandwich. The menu claimed it was smoked, but it was the only thing resembling barbecue on their menu. I seriously doubted they had a smoker on the premises just to serve this. I was not expecting much at all - this is pretty much a place where everything is either fried or overpriced, average food for the tourists (meaning me.) And the sandwich was pretty much what I was expecting: it was tough, there was no smoke ring, and it was covered in a sweet sauce. At least it was edible, though.
Still, you don't pay for the food at this place, you pay to sit there and look out on the water, which is always nice.