Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bryan's Pit Barbecue

Bryan's Pit Barbecue
6333 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(In the LA Farmers Market)

I've been to the Farmers Market dozens of times and I think every time I've eaten at either The Gumbo Pot or Tusquellas Fish & Oyster Bar, often both. (Once I took a friend there who had just moved out from Brooklyn and I bought us a couple slices of pizza from Patsy D’Amore’s Pizza, but she took one look at the slices - disgusting looking grease bombs with soggy dough and solidified pieces of cheese - and said "No chance in hell.")

But I decided I should try this place, even though it always smells hideous when you walk by. I got the sliced pork sandwich. I was not impressed. There was quite a bit of fat on it, and I doubt the meat was truly smoked. It tasted like it had been sitting in an oven for a while. I liked the slaw, and their barbecue sauce was quite good, but not good enough to make the sandwich worth eating. I threw away almost the whole thing and went and got a shrimp cocktail and some sweet Potato chips.

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